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    Shanghai Port Bo Electric Co., Ltd. (Yueqing City Port Bo Electric Factory) is a design improvements and manufacturing all kinds of lights, buttons, switches manufacturing company.
    Since the ion of the company, continue to increase capital investment efforts, with a strong technical force of the company itself, successfully developed many new products and advanced testing equipment, to meet the different needs of the market and the users.
    The main products of the company have lights, buttons, and so on. The Company Features scientific structure, pleasing in appearance, snap-action contact, self-cleaning, high reliability, long life, easy installation, so the majority of users of the favored and loved.
    The Company"s series of signal lights, buttons, switches products have been China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC) certificate and CE certification, control buttons series get a the CQC certificate issued by the China Quality Certification Center and underwriting PICC certificate by China Quality .
    We warmly welcome friends and people with lofty ideals, Tongchuang a brilliant future hand in hand.