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Japanese protest against China ocean surveillance ship 12 sea miles...
  Published:2012-11-20   Author:gangbo   Click:1921

[World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Huan] Japan"s NHK television reported on November 20, said the four ocean surveillance ship the morning of the 20th day into the Diaoyu Islands, 12 nautical-mile cruise, Japanese Foreign Ministry officials for this day call the Chinese Embassy in Japan toChina protested.
    NHK television station reported on the 20th, said the confirmation after the Japan Coast Guard patrol boats, four ocean surveillance ship the morning of the 20th, 12 sea miles into the Diaoyu Islands in the south island near Japanese territorial waters, the Japanese side to find patrol boat sent to the Chinese vessels "Warning" Chinese vessel quickly leaving its territorial waters, but China ocean surveillance ship has not been ignored.

    This, the afternoon of the 20th, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Asian Secretary shirt Shan Jin auxiliary call the Chinese Embassy in Japan to protest to China through the Chinese ambassador to Japan, adding that the Diaoyu Islands is "Japanese territory", the Japanese side does not allow the Chinese vessels invasive Japanese territorial waters, and China ocean surveillance ship quickly leave the relevant waters.

    Protest against Japanese side, the Chinese Embassy in Japan has made a rebuttal stressed that the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands are China"s inherent territory.

    Chinese official boat into the waters of the Diaoyu Islands cruise regarding continuous Hua Chunying in a press conference on November 19, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the Diaoyu Islands are China"s inherent territory, China"s official boat performance of official duties in Chinese territorial waters , the cruising law enforcement is the normal official activities.