The middle east has long awaited a flag that represents them in modern day culture. This has been embodied by the five dashes that is B L A N K.

Our art focused designs bring a new light to graphic tees, hoodies and jackets, leaving room for personal interpretation. This makes our clothing unique, yet universal. 

The founders’ upbringing in cities such as Cairo, Beirut and Dubai is the drive behind the longing for a recognized brand owned and represented by the Middle East. The brand’s designs carry multiple cultural motifs such as Dubai Police supercars, medwakh pipes and Arabic scarves. Blank’s graphics feature paradoxes that show the beauty in the diffusion between east and west, depicted directly from a “by us for us” perspective.

The brand’s ambiguous logo gives it versatility to earn its place in the fashion, pop culture and art worlds. The five dashes, acting as a “hang man” for the five letter name “Blank” puts the spotlight on the graphics being worn by you, rather than the hype being influenced by others.

Our designs are exhibited on Instagram at @brandname_blank and we deliver worldwide. Partake in this fashion revolution and proudly raise your flag.